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 27th June 2021 at 11:34am


This is Pickipedia, a more than complete repository of information about the completely original Apple prediction game played on Connected by hosts Jason Snell, James Thomson, and John Voorhees—collectively, The Triple J.

“A proper home for The Pickies at long last.”
John Voorhees

I recommend starting with The Pickies Charter, complete with changelog. It's a great way to see the evolution of the game over the years.

✨ What's new

The 2023 Annual Pickies have been graded and finalized, and the 2024 Annual Pickies are now underway! There were also some changes to the Charter this year that have finally been updated.

Throughout the year, you can add scores for each pick before they're formally graded by replacing the "TBD" with your own score, with scores calculated in strict accordance to the Charter. Don't be afraid to get creative! It can handle partial credit and fractional scores, and will even warn about illegal half points.



This exercise in obsessive data collection was put together by me, Jason Biatek (pronounced "bee-attic", he/him).

Corrections and additional information are more than welcome. Any wiki editing controls that you may find won't work — your edits will just be in your browser and will disappear on reload. Instead, open an issue on GitHub preferably, or you can also email me at [my first name] at [my last name] dot net.

This page is built with TiddlyWiki, which is a nifty single page wiki tool with lots of options for taking little bits of information and composing them together in different ways. When I realized that, my mind jumped to the many, many little bits of information in The Pickies, and I just had to try it out.

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